What Makes Foodology LLC Different?

You’ve heard of hundreds of “best weight loss plans on the market,” and you may have even tried a few. However, by now you likely know that these plans can’t keep up with the claims they make, leaving you disappointed after spending your precious time and money. At Foodology, we do things differently to ensure that our clients see results they’re happy with. Learn more about what makes us different and reach out to us to get started today!


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Our Food Courses

Our program is about more than just telling you what to eat and when. Instead, we aim to educate you about food as a whole and how it can help your body heal from most diseases. We talk about how to identify foods that are great for your body so you can look great, feel good, and protect your body against harmful metabolic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, dementia, and even developmental diseases in children! We provide you with the building blocks you need to achieve the health you desire. Learn more about our Eat Your Way Thin healthy eating program.


Foodology eBook

Our eBook Resource

Rather than just teaching you how to deal with the result of poor eating — in this case, obesity and disease — our eBook goes back to the foundation. We teach our clients that obesity is manmade and completely reversible, and our book provides you with strategies to do it. Readers will learn about how to find goods that promote body efficiency and nurture growth so they can feel better than they ever have before. Get your eBook today.


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Our Research Credentials

Our wellness education company has done more than just write another weight loss book. Instead, we’ve worked with professionals across the country, including bariatric surgeons, primary care physicians, cardiologists, oncologists, and dieticians, to create a course that’s based on accurate, updated research. We found that medications and diets are leading to uncontrollable weight gain, but that any person at any age can lose weight and prevent disease with the right foods. Our 30 years of experience paired with expert research allowed us to write a life-changing book that can be used by anyone to achieve their wellness goals!


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New Mobile App

Eating right doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why our team at Foodology is creating a simple, easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to access everything you need from your phone or tablet. Our grocery shopping app will provide you with everything you need to purchase foods that will fuel your body and allow you to feel great. Join today!


Foodology is more than just another diet plan. Instead, we’re a wellness education company that was created to change people’s lives by helping them lose weight and prevent disease. Reach out to us to learn more about our courses or to get started today!


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