Weight Loss Resolution for This New Year!

A New Year is a great time to start a new weight management program. The problem is there’s too much bad advice out there!

New Year New You Right?

It’s 2020, the year of exciting possibilities and declarations to lose weight are everywhere. Countless persons are resolving to lose weight or get in shape or a combination of both. Gyms across the country are so filled, you can’t get through the front door. Memberships sky-rocket and “resolutionaries” (we coined the term) put their faith in the latest fitness craze.

Americans are into fitness like no other country on this planet. Despite most homes across the country having fitness equipment in every spare room, according to the Center for Disease Control “70% of all Americans will be considered obese in 2019.” That’s 200 million men, women and children who are considered obese.

This is a new year, so the news is good. You are trying hard to lose weight and you have reduced your sugar consumption by 25% since reported in 2015. Still, more Americans strive to lose unwanted pounds, but fail miserably! As a result, chronic diseases and costs associated with healthcare skyrocket.

The America Medical Association (AMA) is asking private and public payers to fund chronic disease management programs. A chronic disease, as defined by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, is a disease lasting three months or longer due to one or more chronic health conditions. About 60 million Americans are limited in their usual activities due to chronic diseases.

Obesity, high blood pressure (hypertension), hyperlipidmia, (excess fat in the blood stream), lower back pain, anxiety, depression, and strokes, are all food borne diseases.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Death rates from suicide, drug overdoses, liver disease and dozens of other causes have been rising over the past decade. According to a recent, strikingly bleak, study that looked at the past six decades of the mortality rate for the life expectancy of young and middle-aged adults in the United States, the number has drastically decreased for three consecutive years. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the report was at once recognized for its treatment in the reversal of the historical patterns in longevity.

Despite spending more on health care than any other country, the United States has seen falling life expectancy for people aged 25 to 64, who should be in the prime of their lives, while other wealthy nations experienced continued progress in extending longevity. Although earlier research emphasized rising mortality rates among non-Hispanic whites, the broad trend detailed in this study cuts across gender, racial and ethnic lines. The highest relative jump in death rates from 2010 to 2017 — 29 percent — has been among people aged 25 to 34.

Research shows nutritional supplements, diet and exercise programs do not produce the desired result. And now processed food, is under the spotlight for failure. Nutrition experts at the National Institutes of Health have published in the journal Cell Metabolism that something inherently bad about the way our bodies take in processed, ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat and eat foods. The well controlled study lays out a compelling case that processed food and the “ultra” processed food, is making us eat more every day.

The effects of over consuming processed food is making us get fatter over time than we would if we were eating fresh, home-cooked meals. Research further said, eating processed food can add an added 500 calories to our diet. Imagine if you are already struggling with weight gain!

We are bankrupting our nation by eating too much of everything that is bad for our health and politicians want affordable health care for everyone! We are a market driven nation — there’s no “Free Lunch!” This nation lives by supply and demand, this means “Health Care for All” if you can afford it. The solution to this run-away health care disaster is complicated due to the costly rhetoric from all sides. What has happened is people have tuned out.

Americans either know someone who is medically unable to work because of a chronic medical condition, or they are experiencing one or more of these conditions themselves. To say that some people have given up is true. For those who are still trying to regain their health and recover from, or limit the effects of a chronic disease, may be on their own or resign to be drug dependent for the rest of their life.

New diet programs that “guarantee” to help you weight loss and keep it off, has gained popularity. A new drug that is effective at helping to “lose 30 pounds in 30 days, guaranteed” overwhelm the airwaves! Clinical trials are laughable because most of these diet programs or drugs have “paper” clinical trials that happened because of paid compensation.

The diet industry, including leading weight loss companies, have consistently been deceptive and dishonest for the sake of profit. Now, you as the executive in charge of health care for your company must consider either absorbing the increased cost or passing it on to your employees.

“Live 100 Years!”

Doing everything we should be doing, exercise, take the latest supplements and drinking every “good for you” beverage, the news should be much better but it’s not better. Instead, life expectancy continues to decline in America faster than any developed nation and health care costs are the most expensive on the planet. Something is incredibly wrong!

This health disaster is so bad people are afraid. We’ve become Nutrition Zombies. We will eat, drink and do, what we’re told to do without question. When media outlets start promoting “probiotics” for infants and children, you get a sense of why this is happening. Food is being replaced with nonsense. The solution is to question the information and gather facts about what works.

The human body is designed to live 100 years or more! Our generation, at the rate we’re going, will be lucky to live 50 years! The answer is not in pharmaceuticals and there will never be a magic “diet pill” that will help people lose weight. The danger in food comes in three different forms that are designed to trick the consumer into the continuous cycle of overeating sugars, salts, fats. Read the food label and you will see each of these three are listed in the ingredients. In almost everything you buy, including meats, precooked foods, beverages you will find the culprits. The strategy is to keep you consuming and spending your hard-earned dollars.

Most people think they are actually eating healthy when in fact, they are doing the opposite. Why? Because the advertisement said this food is “natural and healthy,” it’s good for you, lower in sugar, salt and fat, whatever it takes to convince the consumer to buy their product. And buy, we do with tragic consequences!

“Tell me Something I Don’t Know”

I hear this at every event. People are looking for that one magic pill that is going to change their health for better, once and for all! And I repeat, to lose weight and get in shape, you must change! Though impressive to see thousands of New Years “Resolutionaries” in the gym attempting to lose weight and get into shape, the odds are stacked against them. By March, gyms across the country will return to normal; the truly faithful remain! But what happened to the “resolutionaries?

Change is hard. Bad dieting advice is most at fault, but old habits die hard as well. To be successful, your attitude towards food must also change. If you’re trying to lose stubborn, unwanted pounds, you must eat to succeed. The failure to keep weight off is to forget how you gained the unwanted pounds in the first place; you gained the weight by eating an unbalanced diet! Successful dieting requires a certain discipline but once employed and followed, losing weight becomes easy at any age.

“Eat a Natural, Well-balanced Diet”

What’s that, you ask? The first thing you will notice about Foodology is that we do not recommend you go on a diet. More important is to put that out there before we go any further. We believe diets are dangerous! The problem with dieting is that you are encouraged to try some new eating habit that is not sustainable. You must either “eat this, not that” or you must eat too much of one food group and not enough of the other. At Foodology, we stress the importance of eating a complete meal at every opportunity to give the body greatest essential minerals and nutrients to power your body the way meant.

The upshot of dieting is not weight loss, but is the long-term effects of health benefits gained from eating beneficial foods that promote good health and longevity. Right now, the news about health is not bad, but awful! The problem started with poor diet and the solution is to change that. The way you change that is to eat better.

“Better nutrition” is all over the place. In a recent blog, “Dieting Advice Changes by the Minute” lays out the problem. The solution is knowledge. Foodology is powerful because it has the knowledge you need to manage nutrition, reduce the risk of cancers, and improve life expectancy. To be successful at losing and maintaining a healthy weight, you’re told to eat less food and replace meals with plant-based food. What is that? Processed food claiming to be from plants and “it’s good for you.”

In all our years of promoting Foodology, we have come across all types of fad diets and foolish meal plans promoted by “quick buck” artists and outright charlatans. The pandemic that has taking this nation by storm can be traced to; processed food, sugar, and oversized portions. In our lesson on Diet Wars, we lay out the facts in a clear and understandable video lessons. You will become empowered to take on the challenge of losing weight and keeping it off by eating your way to your weight loss goals. We lay out for you three foods to add to your meal plan each day or three times a week that will guarantee successful weight loss. We also recommend three fruits that will replace the process sugars that you crave and recommend three vegetables that are super foods that heal and restore the body to a healthy state regardless of your age or medical condition.

No Other Diet Program Does This

Take our powerful lessons and learn to eat healthy and support a healthy eating plan for weight loss without dieting and starving yourself into another weight loss failure. Do something new in the New Year. Learn how 3 Powerful Grains can improve your health even after a major injury or illness. Learn how 3 Powerful Proteins can keep you in fat burning mode. Discover the 3 Powerful Vegetables that will protect you against digestive cancers. You will learn how 3 Powerful fruits loaded with antioxidants can reduce and prevent free radicals; one of the leading causes of cancer, from damaging cells.


There’s More

Learn how 3 Powerful Fats can reduce or prevent heart disease and prevent kidney disease. At last, one powerful exercise you can do to improve your life expectancy by 10 or more years! Do what Works This New Year!

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