The Easiest Ways To Instantly Cut the Calories

What comes to mind when you think of cutting calories? Crappy food? A weight loss plan that’s difficult to follow? Insanely difficult exercise routines? That’s understandable, but the thing is, it does not have to be that way. While it’s true that eating low-calorie meals can help you lose weight, it does not mean that you have to succumb to eating unhappy food. It simply means coming up with a healthy eating plan that doesn’t involve a lot of calories. If you don’t know how to go about it, then read on because we listed down some tips for you.

“Low Fat” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Good Fat”


Low Fat Food

You’ll be surprised to know this, but according to studies, people end up eating more when they consume products that are labeled “low fat.” It gives a “halo effect,” which convinces consumers to eat more because they think that what they have in their hands is the winner of the diet wars program. Diet and nutrition courses will tell you that low-fat versions of food actually contain more sugar. They just lack the artificial flavoring, thus making them taste “more healthy.”

Eat More Protein


Eat More Protein

You will eat less if you add more protein to every meal and snack that you consume. Sign up for diet and nutrition courses and you’ll discover that most low-calorie meals are actually high in protein. The reason being, it takes a while to digest protein compared to fat and carbohydrates. Metabolism has to rise to about 20% just to digest protein, which in turn makes you feel full faster and longer.

Don’t Go Nuts Over Nuts


Don't Go Nuts Over Nuts

If you think nuts won the diet wars program, think again. Tiny as these things may be, they have high calorie content, which can work against you and your weight loss plan. An ounce of oil-roasted mixed nuts may seem harmless, but it actually contains 175 calories. If this information makes you sad, don’t worry because there are healthy nuts that you can keep munching. Case in point: pistachios. They won’t intervene with your diet plan for weight loss because two handful only contains 159 calories. The best part? They taste great!

Swap Snacks

 Swap Snacks

A lot of people are guilty of munching on snacks between each meal. There’s absolutely no problem with snacking; you just have to make sure that the food you eat is low in calories. The key to sticking to a low-calorie healthy eating plan is swapping snacks whenever you feel your tummy rumble. Instead of devouring a huge bag of tortilla chips, swap it with a cup of popcorn. If you’re not interested, you can try eating grapes, cheese sticks, a small apple, or a dozen almonds. If you add healthy snacks to your weight loss program, you’ll save yourself 500 calories.

Cutting calories can be fun. You just need to know what to eat and how much you can consume to keep your calorie intake low. Good luck!

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Raymond Brantley