Quarantine Weight Gain Mistakes You Are Making


Gaining a few pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t bother you. What’s more important is that you stay at home, follow a healthy eating plan, and protect yourself from the virus that’s taken hundreds and thousands of lives as of writing.

Now, you may think it’s impossible to gain weight at home, but posts of various people on social media show us otherwise. When you’re stuck indoors, you tend to be sedentary, and it’s always easy to munch on the bags of chips you hoarded when you heard that a lockdown is in order. If you want to keep that from happening and if you have every intention of emerging from this pandemic a lot healthier and more fit than before, keep reading. We listed down some mistakes people have been doing during lockdown that’s caused them to gain a few extra pounds.

Too Much Junkfood

It always starts with a bag of chips. Then comes a chocolate bar. Then comes another bag of chips. This ranks high on the list of weight gain mistakes. You’re going backward on your weight loss progress if you keep munching on junkfood. They taste good, but they also make you a lot heavier. It’s not the snacking that’s unhealthy; it’s what you eat to satisfy your cravings. Practice healthy eating habits by choosing fruits or vegetables whenever you feel snacky.

Never Blame it on the Alcohol

Almost everyone has been consuming alcohol ever since the lockdown started. Normally, two glasses of cocktails or wine would be okay, but binge drinking? Nope. It makes you lose sleep, thus causing you to cut down on exercise and increase your intake of unhealthy food. Not exactly what was taught in those diet and nutrition courses, right?

Slacking Off

With tons of movies and shows right at your fingertips, it’s tempting to sit down and stay glued to the screen. This would be fine, but one weight loss program component is exercise. Even if you are following a healthy eating plan, you’re still bound to gain weight if you don’t burn those calories.

Ignoring Your Daily Schedule

Most of us, especially those who work from home, are required to stick to a daily schedule. It’s the only way to balance everything that’s on our plates right now. Ignoring this routine would mean spending more time asleep than awake. Not only does this increase your backlogs, it also doesn’t contribute to your weight loss progress . It affects your body’s metabolism, which means all your efforts to attend diet and nutrition courses and stick to healthy eating habits will just go down the drain.

This lockdown is an excellent opportunity for us to choose the winner in the diet wars program. We hope that by pointing out weight gain mistakes most people make, we can stir you to do the opposite. Follow a weight loss program during this quarantine. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll transform once all of this is over.

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