It’s Time to Make a Change!

It’s easy enough to go out to a restaurant and order a cheeseburger with a side of fries, right? We’ve all been there and done that, and maybe one too many times. But when it comes to ordering a plate of grilled chicken with a side of vegetables, somehow it’s a lot harder to make that decision. And in the moment, when that burger reaches your table, you’re probably not thinking about how you’ll feel after you empty the plate, or how you’ll feel the next day, the next month, or even the next couple of years if you continue to eat that way. Well, it’s time to start thinking about it! It doesn’t take a scientist to see that what you eat has a direct effect on your body, how you feel, and your overall health, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Want to Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, be able to climb the stairs without huffing and puffing at the end, or play in the park with your kids, it’s more than just following the latest diet plans or trying to will the pounds away. It starts with the food you are putting in your body and understanding what that food does. You may know that blueberries have a high antioxidant content, but do you know what antioxidants are and why they are good for you? You’ve also probably heard about omega-3 fatty acids, but again, do you know what they are, what foods have them, and why your body likes them? This is the stuff that fuels a true “diet” and leads to real results — and results that stick.

Want to Prevent Illnesses?

If you, or someone you know has ever been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, or Alzheimer’s disease, you know how scary and life-altering the situation can be. While some of these diseases are hereditary and are difficult to prevent, leading healthcare specialists agree (including cardiologists, dieticians, and bariatric surgeons) that getting and staying healthy and preventing disease begins with eating right.

So How Do You Begin?

Foodology LLC. wants you to take an active role in your health and nutrition. It’s one thing to try following a popular diet, it’s another thing to educate yourself about food, nutrition, and many other aspects that go into leading a healthy life.

Health and Nutrition Courses

Foodology LLC. offers a variety of health and nutrition courses to help you better understand how food, nutrition, and health are all connected. Here are a few of the courses that we offer:

Diet Wars

Learn what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. No more diet yo-yoing

Foods that Energizes the Body

Learn how to identify harmful sugars that are hidden in the foods you eat every day.

Navigating the Grocery Store without Getting Fat

Learn how to shop for groceries without consuming GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, and sugars.

Meal Planning

Learn how to plan ahead and make meals that are healthy and satisfying.

These are just a few examples of the health and nutrition courses that we offer, but there are many more that can help you start leading a healthy life.

With Foodology LLC., you can finally start educating yourself on what it takes to be healthy and stay at a weight that’s right for you.

It’s time to make a real change! Start educating yourself with health and nutrition courses from Foodology LLC.