Food is Good Medicine

Wellness Begins with Food, we say, we believe, and live by those four powerful words!

Foodology LLC. was incorporated as a Wellness Education Company. We got our start in Houston, Texas in 2007 as a way to reduce company employee benefits cost. Along the way, and after reviewing numerous diet and weight loss programs, we discovered there was much more to dieting than weight loss. We discovered what we eat plays a major role in our general long term health and we have control over our health through what we eat!

In spite of the fact that well being insurance companies can never again deny inclusion or increment rates dependent on previous ailments, folks still need to pay some healthcare costs. After more than 30 years of experience and countless hours of research, we are certain if employees are educated about healthy food choices, they will make better food decisions eliminating out-of-pocket expenses.

A good diet and regular exercise can reduce the risk of falling prey to some common conditions that drive up the costs of healthcare. By preventing chronic illnesses, healthcare costs decrease. Absenteeism decrease. Premature deaths decrease. The good news is the employee’s productivity increases!

A leading example is a high-fat diet can result in obesity, high cholesterol, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other costly diseases. As well, diabetes, cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s can also be attributed to poor eating habits. With the right education program, we could reverse or stop over 90% of these diseases. Once a healthy lifestyle regime is developed and sustained, maintenance is easy.


Our goal at Foodology is to empower every single American with the knowledge that the food they consume matters, that it has a lasting impact on their long-term health. We know the pillars of a healthy lifestyle is to avoid tobacco use, support a healthy weight, and physical activity, but we’ve discovered it’s much more than committing to a diet, it’s a lifestyle. With our program your employees will learn how to change an unhealthy lifestyle into a lifestyle that promotes nutrition for healthy living and battles chronic illnesses.

Check out our courses designed to help people better understand how interaction with food helps kick bad habits and fuel a body with the nutrients it needs. We’ll teach your employees how to banish harmful toxins from their diet reducing the risk of chronic illnesses and feel great while they learn!

When it comes to ordering a plate of grilled chicken with a side of vegetables, as creatures of habit folks we’d rather order a high-fat burger and fries. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a high-fat diet increases the risk of cancer and a diet rich in vegetables and whole grains has proven to lower the risk of cancer. A healthful diet and regular exercise reduces dangerous health risks and saves on the exorbitant costs and hardships associated with a cancer diagnosis.


In Lesson VIII – Obesity – Causes and Cures — we discuss a recent study released by the American Medical Association (AMA) in September 2017 that said Americans became 40% more overweight in the most recent decade. The AMA went on to say that CHILDREN also became overweight more than at any time since the US Government started collecting data on obesity 100 years ago. These facts are alarming. This lesson uncovers the three main reasons for obesity—servings, portions, and calories.

Foodology LLC. offers a variety of health and nutrition courses to help you better understand how food, nutrition, and health are all connected.

·         WE ARE WHAT WE EAT

Our curriculum, food plan and strategies will give employees the building blocks needed to start erasing diabetes, clean out cancer, and lose weight. Our courses are designed to be affordable and accessible. Our health education program teaches how to find harmful sugars and overcome a dangerous sugar addiction. Also, this course will teach you about superfoods: foods that are jam-packed with nutrients and actually fuel the body’s essential functions. This course is PACKED full of healthful tips on diet and exercise.


Contact us to learn about our speaking engagements and professional development training as the solution to out of control medical deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. Let us show why our food courses is the right fit.

  • Reduced Risk of Chronic Illnesses
  • Reduced Medical Deductibles; and
  • Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenses

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Raymond Brantley