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86 pages full of infomation, tips, and resources for a healthy lifestyle including:

Foods that nourish, heal and sustain the body

Reading food labels

Super foods

Harmful chemicals in our food

Genetically modified food

Obesity - causes and cures

Meal planning


and so much more!

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I think everyone can agree that we are in a health care crisis in America. Obesity, heart disease, cancers, strokes are out of control. How did we get here? Is there a single cause? Who’s to blame? Let us begin by understanding what it means to be at the “Top of the Food Chain.” It means that we humans can eat anything and today; we do eat just about anything. There are television shows dedicated to showing people gorging themselves on massive amounts of food for entertainment. We spend $40 billion a year on diet books, weight loss products, and exercise programs designed to help us lose weight. Why? The real pandemic that has been raging for decades is unchecked obesity. Diabetes kills millions every single year and disable millions more!

Foodology LLC is the premier diet and exercise program. We want to be the number one source for fat loss and dieting success. Foodology is a program that teaches you obesity is manmade and is completely reversible. The tragic thing for diabetes is that it is created by over-consuming food and there will never be medication to correct this problem. The solution is food; the right food, three-times a day, will reverse diabetes, promote fat loss and create a healthy body. Our participants learn about foods that promote body efficiency that nurture growth. You will eat and feel better than you have ever felt after reading this powerful, life changing book.