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At Foodology, we want to help our customers learn how to eat healthy and lose weight the right way. We’ve found that most fad diets are designed to limit what you can and can’t eat, helping you lose weight through restriction. When you work with Foodology, instead of telling you what you can’t eat, we tell you what you can and how you can do it in a healthier way. Through our program, you’ll learn how to properly portion your food, how to eat in moderation, and how to provide your body with the nutrients it needs so that losing weight is possible. Discover the difference of Foodology LLC by joining one of our plans outlined below!

Plan 1: Eat Your Way Thin (3 Months)

  • One month payment due at enrollment
  • Walking program not included. If you would like to purchase the walking program, it is available for $29.25 per month (due at time of purchase).

Plan 2: Eat Your Way Thin (6 months)

  • 6 month agreement with 2 months due at enrollment
  • Includes the Eat Your Way Thin program, one weight loss webinar, guided walking program, healthy weight loss eating plan, and The Healthy Grocery Shopping Visa App
  • Members of this plan can earn up to $25.00 per month in Wellness dollars added to the grocery shopping app

Plan 3: Eat Your Way Thin (12 months)

  • Includes everything in the 6-month plan PLUS an additional weight loss webinar, digital weight loss journal, two one-on-one coaching sessions, and three guided power-walking sessions

Individual Plans

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Child Plans:  Ages 18-26

Spouse Plans: 2 People

Family Plans: 3 or More People

Lose a pound of fat a day!

Our Eating Your Way Thin weight loss program is the answer you’ve been looking for that includes tips for eating the foods you love, how to lose weight regardless of age, and three foods you need to eat more. Keep reading to learn more about how Eating Your Way Thin can help you. **Plus, check out our latest eBook “Wellness Begins With Food” that actually includes the Eating Your Way Thin weight loss program free of charge.

Eat the Foods you Love

  • 6 weeks to a New Body.
  • Weekly email weight loss strategies.
  • 3 Meal Plans for Maximum Weight loss.

Lose Weight Regardless of Age Or Health


  • QUICK weight loss.
  • RESETTING your weight management GOALS.



  • 3 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight.
  • Energy for the Body.
  • Dieting Made Easy.

You will be amazed to learn what you think you know about food.
Yours Free with the Purchase of our New eBook, Foodology.

Walking Program

3.5 miles per day required of the 6- and 12-month enrollees to be eligible for $25.00 monthly wellness bonus

The Healthy Grocery Shopping Visa App

  • Visa debit card that is restricted to grocery store purchases only
  • No cash-out option
  • Restricted to limit in-store purchases to non-processed items
  • Can be used on fruits, vegetables, lean processed meats, & water
  • Employers, parents, friends, and family can add money to the account if they download the app
  • A $9.95 activation fee will be required for those who are not enrolled in either the 6- or 12-month Eat Your Way Thin programs.
  • Max of $500 per month

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If you are interested in learning more about the programs outlined above, reach out to Foodology LLC today! A healthier lifestyle and your goal weight are only a click away, and we aim to help you reach those goals as quickly and stress-free as possible. Explore our website to learn more, and sign up for the Eat Your Way Thin program of your choice today!