Diet Wars – What you Should Eat to Lose Weight

Welcome to Foodology. A completely different weight management program to help you lose weight without going on another fad diet program. Foodology ends dieting forever.

Diets are so dangerous that governments should band them. Diet programs are among the leading cause of premature deaths. We examine the madness in our first video lesson on Diet Wars. You’ll see and hear firsthand how diet programs are killing millions of people each year.

You’ll get to compare real data against the hard facts about why would dieting advice be necessary in the first place.

Lastly, we look at the food crisis that’s causing two-hundred million people be clinically diagnosed as obese.

We give you three foods to put in your diet right now that will help you lose weight. Just add these foods,diet plan for weight loss and watch your body’s transform from fat to thin without dieting.

We also give you three fruits that will end your cravings for refined sugar. All three of these fruits are sweet, with an amazing taste.

We give you three vegetables that will protect the body from digestives cancers; one of the leading cause cancer deaths.

We are different at Foodology LLC, a Wellness Education Company and we don’t lie. We Believe That Wellness Begins with Food! Watch our video, Diet Wars!

Raymond Brantley