4 Important Reasons To Lose Weight

Getting Healthy Just Got Easier

Unchecked obesity is so rampant in America, but more people are becoming aware of the dangers of excessive weight. Each year, Americans spend about $40 billion on weight loss programs, books, and products. At Foodology, we encourage people to work towards their weight target for these four reasons.

Reverse Diabetes and Obesity

Every year, diabetes causes the death and disability of millions of people. In the early stages of Type 2 diabetes, the condition is still reversible with some lifestyle changes.

Studies reveal that weight loss could be the key to putting diabetes in remission. When you reach a healthier weight, fat levels in the pancreas and liver decline, allowing your body to process glucose properly. Even small changes like losing 10 to 15% of your weight could lead to massive changes.

Avoid Health Complications

Obesity is associated with higher risks for having diseases such as coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, pulmonary dysfunction, gallbladder disease, musculoskeletal disease, and different types of cancer. Losing weight reduces health risks associated with these diseases.

Improve Body Efficiency

Body efficiency could increase when you maintain a healthy weight. You are also 15 to 79% less likely to require medical treatment for a fall-related injury when you maintain a healthy weight. Another study found that obese individuals can reduce the frequency of work-related injuries through weight control programs.

Boost Your Mood

Reaching your desired weight can make you feel more confident about yourself. And when you are more comfortable being you, you are more likely to make other changes from how you dress to your jobs, among other things.

When you have a positive body image, you can be happier, which allows you to experience an improvement in your quality of life.

Losing weight by eating better and getting enough exercise can have massive benefits for your mind and body. You can reverse obesity without giving up your love for food. Experience how to lose weight naturally while improving your relationship with food with Foodology. Visit our website to learn more about our Eat Your Way Thin weight loss program, and get started on the path to a happier life today!

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